LinkedIn Insider Seminar for More Powerful Search Ranking

Who should attend?

Executives and Professionals who are seeking to open doors faster in reaching recruiters, and employers, locating hidden jobs, and building a volume of quality referrals in little time.


  • Populated LinkedIn Profile to work with, preferably at the All-Star level.
  • Basic Branding and Professional Photo with the correct DPI.
  • It is preferable that you have attended my free Tips, Tricks, and Strategy to-be-found on LinkedIn. If you have not, please ask to see the replay before attending the class.


  • Leverage the Power of Keywords.
  • Discovery of Keywords for the Job You Want.
  • Learn the power of a Word Cloud.
  • Generate a Keyword / Key Phrase list.
  • Keyword Management, Placement & Testing.
  • Identify which LinkedIn Groups will you overcome a small network.
  • Find Head Hunters using LinkedIn Search.
  • Learn how to test your LinkedIn profile for ranking.
  • Higher Ranking in LinkedIn Search.
  • Superior Page Views & Engagement Performance.

Why Invest?

  • To Be Found By Employers, Clients, HR, & Recruiters
  • Competitive Advantage.
  • OutRank The Competition.
  • Open More Doors
  • Most Job Postings Are Not Visible or Known
  • Access to the Hidden Job Market
  • What does it mean to you to show up on page 1 of LinkedIn?

This class is generally 6 hours long.