Who We Serve

We serve time challenged executives in transition, executives who are planning to make a position change and business owners who are looking for more exposure on LinkedIn. We drive on-line and LinkedIn exposure defined by personal and business uniqueness via building an Inbound and Outbound LinkedIn Marketing program. We provide a wide range of LinkedIn training programs from high-level classes to deeply detailed Bootcamps that provide the skills necessary to succeed.

We focus on identifying key words and phrases that drive effective online marketing. Our research and testing of how LinkedIn works help us to make faster results and better inroads for our clients. We help you to apply the proven techniques that let you stand above the rest using the latest skills and techniques so that you can land a job faster or win more business. One of our objectives is to put you in control of your success.

By working together, we learn what differentiates you from the rest of Indians and help you drive your unique value. Once the groundwork is done, we review of how well we are doing with our marketing goal, and develop an ongoing review of success and adjust to competitive to the marketplace to attract your ideal target audience.

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Our Approach

Our approach at Wittman Technology is focused very specifically on the results you expect from your marketing investment! We do this through our selection of services, training, programs and resources. Using years research about LinkedIn we are able to deliver a focused solution that works.

Since each career has its own unique strengths, goals, and challenges, we customize KinkrdIn Profiles to meet clients where they are. Whether you are seeking brand strength, online visibility, social media, business planning, or an integrated communications strategy, we give you what you need to succeed.

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Why Hire Us?

In the digital world, you cannot afford to be missing in action. At Wittman Technology we are with you each step helping you to choose what works best in building and managing a strong LinkedIn presence. We deliver ongoing results you will benefit from.

We have provided years of training and consulting for many Executives who have desired new and diverse positions. By using LinkedIn effectively, you can achieve the results you desire for your business and career.

Wittman Technology, LLC is an innovative growth company that uses technology to drive market advantage. Donald J. Wittman, is a CEO, Global CTO (Chief Technology Officer), CIO (Chief Information Officer), who combines in-depth technology expertise, product architecture, technical training, and business acumen to deliver accelerated enterprise-wide solutions on-time and under budget. He is highly successful by creatively blending his engineering, business development skills, and technical brilliance to the Global Enterprise with entrepreneurial drive and vision.

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“Don Wittman has delivered more than several exceptional LinkedIn presentations to the Schmoozer’s Job Network, a group for unemployed and underemployed individuals in CT with riveting pointers about how to best utilize all that LinkedIn has to offer. He further describes how job seekers can get ahead in a competitive marketplace with interviews, increasing their contacts and face to face meetings by developing a Branded LinkedIn Profile. Don’s presentations are comprehensive, his PowerPoints are well organized with handouts that make it easy for the audience to follow along.

Don has an uncanny ability and a striking intelligence when it comes to answering questions while embracing and encouraging audience participation. Whether it be an audience of beginners to the very advanced LinkedIn users, Don was able to address every single question with a sincere effort to help every participant. He is one of the Schmoozer’s Job Network’s most sought after speakers because of his true technological genius and “Inbound Marketing” approaches. Don is a true professional in every sense of the word and at every single one of his presentations the schmoozer’s speaker surveys come back with “extraordinary” across the board!!”

Judith Rosenthal, Volunteer Program Facilitator for the Schmoozer’s Job Network