Advanced LinkedIn Bootcamp

The Hidden Truth Behind A Mesmerizing LinkedIn Profile!

Employers and Recruiters Use a Standard Process to Find Talent, Learn How to Exploit that Process.

The Advanced LinkedIn Bootcamp Webinar covers the latest LinkedIn tools needed for a results-based LinkedIn job search. We will be sharing new LinkedIn Strategies that effectively generate results not currently taught by anyone else. By using his uniquely created Job Pull Marketing Strategy, you will be able to generate 1 to 3 leads per week

Who should attend?

  • Executives and Professionals who want faster results in reaching recruiters, employers, locating hidden jobs, and building a volume of quality referrals in little time.
  • Small Business and Independent agents who wish to find and be found by potential new customers.

Why should you attend Don’s Webinar?

  • Leverage the power of job descriptions.
  • Identify your profile Key Words just for you.
  • Learn the power of a word cloud.
  • Generate a Key Word / Key Phrase list for the position you want.
  • Learn where to Place Key Word / Key Phrases that can increase your LinkedIn search outcome.
  • Identify which LinkedIn Groups will help you overcome a small LinkedIn network.
  • Find Head Hunters using LinkedIn Advanced Search.
  • Test your profile on LinkedIn to prove your keywords get you on page one of LinkedIn search.
  • Understand why you should use the Social Selling Index.
  • Get more interviews, in-person meetings, and referrals to help you land faster.
  • And much more…

We have researched and share break-through LinkedIn strategies in his Advanced LinkedIn BootCamp that have changed the way job seekers are using LinkedIn. We have taught thousands of professional job seekers and executives how to use a Job Pull Marketing Strategy to land smarter and faster to get ahead in a competitive marketplace.

The Job Pull Marketing Strategy approach to LinkedIn search is one of the leading ways to stand out and get found by employers and recruiters in a sea of LinkedIn members.

Many of the professionals and executives we have helped from various industries received 1-3 new direct contacts PER WEEK that resulted in more interviews, referrals, and recruiter contacts. They also built hundreds of new connections that improved the value of their LinkedIn Profiles.